CCD Commander
Complete automatic imaging


CCD Commander can automatically turn on the CCD cooler. In addition, it can monitor the cooler regulation and set the cooler to the lowest achievable temperature automatically! It can also be configured to avoid thermal runaway by backing off the temperature when the cooler has been at too high a power for too long.

The Intelligent Temperature Control Action can also be used to automatically acquire library dark frames when imaging conditions are poor. Simply setup an ITC Action followed by a Take Image Action for each temperature of your dark frames. As the night progresses cooler temperatures can be achieved and CCD Commander will do what it can to set the cooler where you want it!

Twilight flats have the distinction of producing the ideal flat field, but are also the most difficult to obtain. CCD Commander automates the twilight flat acquisition, starting imaging at the appropriate time and automatically computing the exposure time for the ADU target you specify. CCD Commander will automatically interrupt your action list and skip to the Automatic Flat Action at the appropriate time - there is no need to worry if your imaging sequence happens to last too long.

If you have a rotator, CCD Commander can take flats at any position angle - optimizing your flats for the position angles you use. Ideal for sub-optimal optical systems.

You can have CCD Commander take flats for any or all of your filters. It will simply progress from one filter to the next. If the sky gets too bright or dark for one filter, CCD Commander will try the next one until it tries all of the filters in your list.

Besides twilight flats, the Automatic Flat Action can be used to take screen flats, dome flats, or even light box flats by using either the Park Mount or Slew To options in the Mount Information section.

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