CCD Commander
Complete automatic imaging

CCD Commander Main Window

This is the CCD Commander main window, showing the Status tab. This is where you monitor your action list while it runs.

At the top of the window, CCD Commander displays the current executing action. In addition, the Green circle flashes while the action is running to let you know that everything is proceeding as normal!

In the status window you can see there are a number of messages displayed indicating each thing CCD Commander does. Above you can see that CCD Commander is searching for a guide star. It found a guide star that met the current settings, and was successful guiding on the star.

While the action is running, you can still go back and view your action list. If you see a mistake, you can edit any action that has not already run, or is in the process of running. This functionality allows you to create and modify your action list while it is running!

Here is the Action Setup tab while the action list is running. Notice the Green circle in the upper right corner.

The actions that have already completed have been appended with the "Complete" text. The action that is running is labeled "Running".

Any of the actions that do not have an additional label can be edited by double clicking. You can also still manipulate (add, move, copy, cut, paste, check, or uncheck) actions from the list!

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