Correcting the "Permission denied" error with CCD Commander

With the v1.2 release of CCD Commander, a few users have reported an error when CCD Commander attempts to connect to either CCDSoft or MaxIm DL.  CCD Commander reports that “Error Number: 70” has occurred.  You might see a screen similar to this:




This error is the result of a permission problem with Windows.  There is a simple fix that needs to be performed with Windows to prevent this error from occurring.


I’ve documented the procedure for Windows XP and Windows 2000:


1. Click Start->Run.

2. Type in dcomcnfg.exe into the Run window.



3. Click the OK button.

4. Windows XP Only: Click the “Component Services” text on the left half of the window (arrow #4 below).



5. Windows XP Only: Click the computer icon on the toolbar (arrow #5 above).

6. On the new window that opens, click the “Default Properties” tab.

Windows XP:


Windows 2000:


7. Change the “Default Authentication Level” to “None” as shown above.

8. Confirm that the “Default Impersonation Level” is set to “Identify”.

9. Click OK and close the “Component Services” window.

10. Reboot your computer.

11. CCD Commander should now execute normally.