Focuser Options


Enable Filter Offsets will turn on the filter offset function in CCD Commander.  When the filter offset function is enabled, CCD Commander will automatically move your focuser the specified offset whenever the filter changes positions.


Every filter you've defined in the Control/Device tab will be listed here.  To change the offset for a filter, double click the filter in the list.


Polarity of the offsets is dependant on the specific hardware in use.  If CCD Commander moves the focuser the wrong direction, try reversing the offset polarities.


Measure average HFD after focus run is enabled only when FocusMax is the selected focus tool.  At the end of a focus run, when this is enabled CCD Commander will take 5 additional exposures to measure the average HFD for reporting in the CCD Commander log file.  If this is disabled, CCD Commander will report the HFD from the focus routine.  The average HFD can be useful in under-sampled, or poor seeing conditions to give a better representation of the focus achieved.


Retry Focus Run on Failure will cause CCD Commander to retry the focus run Number of Retries times when the focus run fails.


Focus Time Out defines the maximum amount a time a focus run can take.  If this time is exceeded CCD Commander will abort the focus run and retry (if retry is enabled).