E-Mail Alerts Setup


E-Mail Alerts are a very useful way to allow CCD Commander to notify you of an event when you are not able to monitor the program directly.  The e-mail message CCD Commander sends is simple enough to be sent to your cell phone (if you have a Text Messaging cell phone with an e-mail address - check with your service provider).


Setting up the E-Mail Alerts in CCD Commander is similar to setting up any e-mail client.  CCD Commander uses the Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) to send e-mail messages.


SMTP Server Setup:

The SMTP Server Name or IP Address should be provided to you by your Internet Service Provider (ISP).  If you do not have this information available, you should be able to get it with a simple request to your ISP's support department.


The Port # will almost always be 25.  Unless your ISP specifically tells you to use another number, you should not need to change this value.


The Use SMTP Authentication should only be checked if your ISP specifically requires a user name and password to send Outgoing mail.  Usually this again is not required, but your ISP will let you know if it is.  You can also try sending the test message with this disabled to see if SMTP Authentication is required.


Username and Password are the authentication credentials provided to you by your ISP.  CCD Commander will send these to the ISP as part of the SMTP process.


E-Mail Addresses:

The E-Mail Return Address can be anything, but should be a valid e-mail account.  If the SMTP process generates any errors as part of sending the message (bad addresses, mailbox full, etc.) the error message will be sent to the return address.  


The E-Mail "To" Addresses list can be any number of e-mail addresses you want the alerts sent to.  CCD Commander will copy each address in the list with the alert e-mail.  Be sure to enter at least one address into the list via the Add button.  You can remove e-mail addresses by first clicking the address in the list and then pushing the Remove button.


Send Test E-Mail will test the entire SMTP process to the Selected Address in the "To" address list.  You must select (highlight) an address before pushing the Send Test E-Mail button.  CCD Commander will initiate the SMTP process and send a small e-mail to the selected address and then notify you of success or failure.  Check your e-mail account for the test message.


Send E-Mail Alert When:

This section defines the events that CCD Commander will send e-mails for.  Check each event that you wish to be notified of.  When any event occurs, CCD Commander will send an e-mail to everyone in the "To" address list and then continue standard execution.