Dome/Roof Setup


When the mount moves, the dome can sometimes have a difficult time keeping track of the mount position - especially if you have a GEM and the mount flips sides as part of the slew.  During a GEM flip, the dome can start off going to wrong way and then has to catch up to the mount after it flips.


When you enable the Uncouple the Dome during slews checkbox, CCD Commander will prevent the dome from moving until after the mount has completed its slew.  Once the slew is complete, CCD Commander will then re-couple the dome to the mount and wait (if possible) for the dome to report that its movement is complete.  For some slews this might make the slew operation slightly longer, but for meridian flips it can greatly reduce the total slew time.


Always Park Mount before Closing Dome/Roof will cause CCD Commander to always issue a park command to the mount prior to closing the dome.  This is necessary if the dome/roof cannot close with the mount/telescope in the "normal" operating position.  Enabling this options will help ensure that the mount is parked prior to closing the dome/roof.


CAUTION:  CCD Commander cannot necessarily guarantee that the mount is parked prior to closing the dome/roof.  If you have a setup where the dome/roof requires the mount and telescope to be in a specific position prior to closing, there should be fail-safes installed to prevent the dome/roof from moving when the mount is in an unsafe condition.  CCD Commander will attempt to park the mount prior to closing the dome/roof if this option is selected, but problems beyond the control of CCD Commander may cause prevent this from happening.


When Halt on Dome Error is checked, CCD Commander will halt all operations and treat the Dome Error as a general "Program Error".  CCD Commander will attempt to perform the functions in the Program Errors tab.  When Halt on Dome Error is not checked, CCD Commander will report the error but will continue operation as normal.  


DDW Retry Settings are for Digital Dome Works users.  The DDW control software often is unable to complete an operation successfully.  These retry settings will allow CCD Commander to retry an operation that never completed.  While the Operation Timeout value can be set less than the time needed to complete an operation, ideally it should be longer than required to complete any operation requested.  The Retry Attempts value determines how many failed attempts to retry before giving up on the operation.