Weather Monitor Setup



The Weather Monitor functionality in CCD Commander will allow you to image even in questionable weather conditions.  CCD Commander will monitor the output of a Cloud/Weather Sensor and, depending on the conditions you specify, will pause the action list, park the mount, and/or close your dome.  Then when the bad weather condition clears, CCD Commander will open your dome, return the mount to the previous position, and resume the next action in your list.  This can allow imaging in every small piece of clear sky!


The Pause Action When list tells CCD Commander under what conditions you want to pause.  You can select any of the conditions listed, but it is strongly suggested to enable all of them.  The allowable selections change depending on the Cloud/Weather Sensor you have.  The images above show the different options available for the different Cloud/Weather Sensors CCD Commander supports.


The Close Roof/Dome When list tells CCD Commander under what condition you want to close the dome.  Again, you can select any of the conditions - however some of the selections are disabled when Roof/Dome will close autonomously via the Emergency Contact Closure  check box is enabled.


The Roof/Dome will close autonomously via the Emergency Contact Closure check box must be checked if you have connected your Cloud/Weather Sensor directly to your Dome Controller.  When the Cloud/Weather sensor detects severe weather, it will send a signal directly to the Dome Controller to close the dome.  CCD Commander does not and should not attempt to close the dome under this condition.  Thus when this option is checked, the conditions under which the Cloud/Weather sensor activates its Emergency Contact are not enabled in CCD Commander to close the dome.  However, CCD Commander will still make note of this event so that it knows to open the roof/dome when the weather clears.


The Park Mount when Pausing Action check box tells CCD Commander to force the mount to a park position while the pause is in effect.  When the pause is complete, CCD Commander will slew the telescope back to the original coordinates.


The Park Mount before Closing Roof check box has moved to the Dome/Roof setup tab.  


Specify the frequency to query the cloud sensor using the Query Sensor every entry.  A value of 1 minute seems to work well, but you can experiment for the best value with your configuration.


When a "good" condition occurs after the action has paused, CCD Commander times how long the "good" condition has remained.  Use the Before resuming action, sensor must read clear for setting to tell CCD Commander how long to wait before resuming your action list.


Normally, when the action list is paused due to the Weather Monitor the current executing action will stop and not resume.  When the "good" conditions return, the next action in the list will begin executing.  Therefore when using the Weather Monitor function it may be important to not run any excessively long single actions since it could be stopped mid-execution.  Instead spread out your tasks into multiple actions.  When Repeat last action after resuming is checked the action that was in-process when the action list was paused will be repeated.  (Be aware that this could lead to more images from a Take Images action - for example.)


The Enable Weather Monitor Scripts allows for custom scripts for each weather event to be setup.  CCD Commander will execute the specified script after each of the three possible weather events: Action List Paused, Dome Closed, Good Condition Detected.