Status Tab


While the Action List is being executed, CCD Commander will add to the Status display to inform you of the current status.  This data remains available after the action is complete.  The current action that is being executed is also shown at the top of the tab.


When you start running the action list a second time, the Status display will clear and start again.


The information displayed in the Status box is also written to your hard drive in the "Logs" directory below the CCD Commander installation directory.  The log file is a simple text file and can be viewed in any text editor or word processor.  The name of the log file is the date and time that the Action List was run.


Relevant Menus:

Run Menu

This menu contains all of the functions necessary to run the action list.


Start will start running your action list.  When Use Check Boxes in the Edit Menu is un-checked, Start will execute all of the actions in the list.  When Use Check Boxes is checked, Start will execute only those actions that have a check mark.  Once the action list is running, Pause and Stop will become enabled.  When execution begins, CCD Commander will automatically switch to the Status tab and the red running light will change to green and blink to show that the action is executing.


Pause will pause a running action list until Start is selected again.  Pause only pauses the execution of the action list in CCD Commander.  All the external programs and hardware will continue to operate.  CAUTION:  The telescope mount will continue to track while CCD Commander is paused.  CCD Commander will not be monitoring the telescope position or the Cloud Monitor.  Be sure to use the pause function sparingly.


Stop will stop (abort) a running action list.  This function will also stop any activity in the external programs (slews, image exposures, autoguiding), but will NOT change the mount tracking.  Be sure to park the mount when complete.


NOTE for GEMs:  When you start the action, one of the first things CCD Commander will do is connect to your mount though TheSky.  CCD Commander will try to determine what side of the meridian your telescope is positioned on.  If your telescope is in the region of sky accessible from both sides of the mount, CCD Commander will force your telescope to which ever side the telescope is closer to and then move back to the coordinates you started at.  This is to ensure CCD Commander knows the correct side of the meridian your telescope is on.  You can disable this function in the CCD Commander Setup window.  When disabled, CCD Commander will prompt you to state which side of the mount the telescope is on.


Graphs Menu

Enable Temperature Recording will enable or disable recording of the temperature and the graph function.  Only when this is enabled, can you view the CCD Temperature Graph.


CCD Temperature Plot shows a window of the CCD temperature plotted over time.  See the CCD Temperature Graph page for more information.


Enable Guider Error Recording will enable or disable recording of the guide error.  Disabling this can possibly increase your guider performance.  Disabling this will also disable the Autoguider Error Graph.


CCD Guide Error Plot shows a window of the autoguider error plotted over time.  See the Autoguider Error Graph page for more information.