Import Target List


The Import Target List function is used primarily for survey work.  You must use an external program (like TheSky) to create a comma delimited target list.  The target list must contain the Target Name, RA, and Declination coordinates for each target.  The target list must also be in a format exactly like this:

NGC 5194, 13.50211, 47.1684

NGC 5195, 13.50401, 47.2418

NGC 5198, 13.50741, 46.6449


Where the first column is the Target Name, the second column is the RA coordinate and the third column is the Declination coordinate.  The three columns must be separated by commas.  There can be any number of spaces between each column.  After the Declination coordinate there must be either a carriage return or another comma.


You can select your target list by pushing the "..." button and browsing to the proper file.  The path and file name will then be listed in the Target List field.


In the Actions for Each Target list, you can add any number of actions from the Actions window.  When importing the target list, CCD Commander will repeat the actions listed here for every target in the target list.  CCD Commander will insert the data from the target list into each action as necessary to build your action list.


The File menu items will open and save CCD Commander Action List Template (.alt) files.  These are specifically for the Import Target List function.  If you want CCD Commander to remember what actions you've setup for the Import Target List window, save the list under the file name, "ImportActionTemplates\DefaultTemplate.alt".  CCD Commander will always automatically open this file when displaying the Import Target List window.


The items in the Edit menu perform just like those in the main CCD Commander window.


The Actions menu contains a sub-set of actions available in CCD Commander.  Only those actions that may need to be executed for every target in the list are shown in the Import Target List window.


The three Import... buttons at the bottom of the window will perform the actual import process.


The Import To File button will save the new Action List to a new file that you can later open in CCD Commander.


The Import to Main List button will clear the Main Action List in CCD Commander (like pushing the New button on the Main CCD Commander window) and then import the new actions into the Main Action List.


The Import as Sub-List button will create a Run Sub-Action List action in the Main Action List and then import the new actions into the Sub-Action List.