File Name Builder


The File Name Builder is a simple tool to allow you to setup the automatic file naming parameters in your filenames.  You do not have to use the File Name Builder if you can remember the parameters - just type them into the text box where needed.  But this windows makes it convenient to create file names, and there is nothing to remember!


Select the parameter you wish to add from the list, and then click the Add to Filename button.  This will append the selected parameter into the Filename text box.


The Filename text box is fully editable.  You can insert any other text you want to include in the file name.  Just be sure not to change the texts between the <> characters, as this will create an invalid parameter.


The Example text shows a sample file name that will be created with your given parameters.  You can use this verify your file name.


Clicking the Ok button will insert the text from the Filename text box back into the action setup window.