Creating Target Lists in TheSky6

It is quite simple to create a target list in TheSky6 using the Data Wizard tool.


This procedure will show how to create a simple target list of all the Messier objects higher than 45° altitude at the current time.


  1. Open TheSky6.

  2. Click the Data->Data Wizard menu (or push Ctrl-Shift-W).

  3. In the Data Wizard window, click the Query->Edit Parameters... menu

  4. Go to the Object Types and Databases tab.

  5. Under Select object types, mark the box next to Non-stellar.  (Note: You have to expand the object type list to select all the possible object types in the list.  Ensure the Selected object types list shows all the object types you are interested in.)

  6. Under Select databases/catalogs, expand the Non-stellar list and mark the M item.


  7. Go to the Attribute Filter tab.

  8. Double click on the Floating Point Values item in the Attribute List.

  9. Click on the Altitude item.

  10. In the Current Filter section, the Compare selection, select Greater than or equal.

  11. Enter 45 into the Value field.

  12. Click the Add Filter button.


  13. Go to the Report Columns tab.

  14. Double click on the Floating Point Values item in the Attribute List.

  15. Mark the RA and Dec attributes (you can choose either the current epoch or epoch 2000 values).


  16. Click the Database Query tab.

  17. You will see a summary of your settings here.  Confirm everything looks correct.

  18. In the Angle/time format section, make sure Decimal degrees is selected.


  19. Click the OK button.

  20. Back in the Data Wizard window, click the Run button.


  21. Click the Data->Export menu item.

  22. Select the file name to export the list to.  Ensure the other parameters are as shown here:


  23. Click the Export button.

  24. You are done with TheSky6 now, close out the open windows.

  25. The resulting text file needs to be slightly edited to be used in CCD Commander.  My text file looks like this (yours will be slightly different depending on the objects visible at the time you do the above procedure):

    Object name,RA (epoch 2000),Dec (epoch 2000)

M 103,             1.55603,       60.6581   

M 76,              1.70503,       51.5714   

M 34,              2.70139,       42.7617   

M 38,              5.47844,       35.8550   

M 37,              5.87175,       32.5531   

M 36,              5.60492,       34.1408   

M 45,              3.78333,       24.1167   

M 1,               5.57553,       22.0144   

M 35,              6.15000,       24.3500   

M 78,              5.77939,        0.0694   

M 43,              5.59203,       -5.2675   

M 42,              5.58808,       -5.3903

  1. The first line of the text file is a header that TheSky6 inserts.  Remove the first line to use the file in CCD Commander.

  2. Save the text file.

  3. Now you can import this target list into CCD Commander.