Wait for Time Action




When Absolute  is selected, this action will wait until the specified time.  The time entered is in normal 24 hour format.


The function will wait based on a 24 hour window from noon to noon.  If the entered time is before the current time based on this noon to noon window CCD Commander will assume the time has passed and will not wait at all.  For example, if you enter a time of 13:00 and it is 23:00 when the action runs, it will not wait at all.  If you enter a time of 11:00, the action will wait until 11:00 except if the action runs when the current time is after 11:00 but before 12:00.



When Relative is selected, this action will wait for the specified number of hours/minutes.  The longest wait you can enter is 24 hours 59 minutes.


You can use the up and down arrow buttons to change the values as well as entering values in directly.


NOTE for GEMs:  CCD Commander does not monitor the position of the mount during the Wait action.  Therefore, it is best that your mount be in the parked position and not tracking if the Wait action will run for a significant period of time.  If your mount is tracking during the Wait action, you must ensure your mount is positioned such that it will not enter the safety limits during the Wait action.