Skip Ahead at Time Action


This action provides a powerful tool in managing your action list.  At the time specified, CCD Commander will skip ahead in your action list to the point where the Skip Ahead action is.


The most obvious use of this action is to automatically stop imaging and run a shutdown action at dawn.  Then you can specify as long an action list as you want and the Skip Ahead action will stop the other actions before the sky brightens or the guide star is lost - preventing unneeded exposures and chasing a fading guide star.  


Another possibly use is to ensure that you start imaging an event at the proper time.  You can setup actions before and after the event to fully use the nights session.  The Skip Ahead action will force CCD Commander to execute the actions associated with the event at the proper time, regardless of what was in the action list.


All that is needed is to enter the time you want CCD Commander to skip ahead at.


When you run an action list, CCD Commander will automatically search the action list (and any Sub-Action Lists) for all the Skip Ahead actions.  The times are sorted so that the earliest Skip Ahead action will execute first.  This means that if you specify Skip Ahead actions out of chronological order, you might have some actions that will never execute.


Enabling the Soft Skip option will cause CCD Commander to not skip at exactly the time requested if an image is in process.  CCD Commander will wait for the image to complete prior to executing the skip.


Note: The Automatic Flat action contains a built in skip when you select dusk or dawn flats.  The skip time is either sun set (for dusk flats) or the start of twilight (for dawn flats).  You can find out what time these occur in the Automatic Flat action window.  These times change every day, so be aware when using Skip Ahead actions and Automatic Flat actions (for dusk or dawn flats).