Skip Ahead when Object reaches Hour Angle Action


Similar to the Skip Ahead at Altitude Action, this action will cause CCD Commander to skip ahead to the point that this action is in your list when your specified target reaches the hour angle you specify.


When you start running the action list, CCD Commander performs the calculations necessary to determine at what time the specified object will reach the desired hour angle.  Then when the time is reached, CCD Commander will execute the skip.


The Get RA from TheSky button will pull the coordinates from the currently selected object in TheSky.  When you click this button CCD Commander will check to see what is selected in TheSky.  If there are multiple objects that could be selected, CCD Commander will display the following window to allow you to select your desired target from the list:


If your desired object is not show, click closer to the object in TheSky and push the Refresh button.


Alternately, you can enter an object name in the Object Name field.  When you click the Find Object in TheSky, CCD Commander will query the object's location from TheSky and automatically fill in the RA values for the object.  If the object is not found, CCD Commander will enter 0 in each of the RA fields.


Skip when object is at Hour Angle specifies the hour angle you want to skip at.  


The Compute Approximate Skip Time button will run CCD Commander's altitude calculation routines and report the approximate time your selected object will reach the altitude you have set.


Enabling the Soft Skip option will cause CCD Commander to not skip at exactly the time requested if an image is in process.  CCD Commander will wait for the image to complete prior to executing the skip.