Run Sub-Action List



Clicking this action in the Actions menu will open a new Sub-Action tab on the main window.  This will allow you to run an entirely new action list within a single line on your Main Action List.  Any number of Sub-Action Lists can be added - including Sub-Action Lists in a Sub-Action List.  This is very useful when you have common actions that you repeat throughout an action list.


You can also define separate action lists for each target and run each list using this action.


There are two different types of Sub-Action Lists available.  


The first is simply a Named Sub-Action that is part of the Main Action.  All aspects of the Sub-Action are saved with the Main Action and reside in memory while you are editing and running the Action Lists.


The second is a Sub-Action List linked to a CCD Commander Action List File.  This is primarily for backwards compatibility, but can also be used to create common actions that you always use (Startup Action List, Shutdown Action List, etc.).  These Sub-Action Lists load the details from a different file than the Main Action List resides in.  This type of Sub-Action can only be viewed (not edited) since the list is linked to a specific file.


You can Unlink the list from the file.  This will convert the Sub-Action to the first type described above.  This provides full editing capabilities.


You can also save a Named Sub-Action and convert it to a Linked Sub-Action.


The Run... radio buttons select how CCD Commander should execute the action list.


Run Once runs the Sub-Action List once and then completes this action - resuming the parent action list.


Run until Aborted will repeat the action list forever until you push the Stop button on the CCD Commander main window, or something else causes the Sub-Action List to exit (a Skip Ahead action, or a Plate Solve action).


Run Multiple Times runs the action list for as many times as specified in the text box.


Run for a Period of Time runs the action list until the amount of time specified is exceeded.  CCD Commander will not interrupt the action list, so it will wait for the list to complete even if the time limit is exceeded.  If the action list is very long, the time limit could be exceeded by a significant amount.


To close the Sub-Action List tab, click the small button in the upper right corner of the tab.


Multiple Sub-Action levels: