Park Mount Action



Real Park

This action will park the mount.  After parking the mount, CCD Commander will disconnect from the mount.


Simulated Park

This will cause CCD Commander to simulate a park function by repeatedly slewing to the same Altitude/Azimuth coordinates specified.  CCD Commander will continue to keep the specified coordinates centered even while running other actions.  At the end of the Action List, if the Simulated Park is still active CCD Commander will continue to keep the target coordinates centered until the Stop menu or button is pushed.


Park Rotator will also park the rotator in its Home position.


The mount will remain parked (Real or Simulated) until an action requiring information from the mount takes place.


The Take Image Action using a "Light" frame will un-park to the mount.  Using any other frame type (Dark, Bias, or Flat-field) will not reconnect to the mount.


The following actions will also un-park to the mount:

Move to RA & Dec Action

Plate Solve and Sync or Offset Action

Automatic Flat Action


All other actions will leave the mount in its parked state.


When you want to execute one of the Wait actions, it can be a good idea to first issue a Park Mount Action.