Move to RA & Dec Action


The Move to RA/Declination Action will simply move the telescope to the coordinates entered.  These coordinates can be either for the Epoch of the date the action is performed (JNow) or for the Epoch at January 1, 2000 (J2000).  When you select J2000 coordinates, CCD Commander will automatically precess the coordinates to JNow when the action is performed.  If you want to match coordinates over many days or months using the same action, use J2000 coordinates.  Only whole number values are allowed in each field.


The Get RA/Dec from TheSky button will pull the coordinates from the currently selected object in TheSky.  When you click this button CCD Commander will check to see what is selected in TheSky.  If there are multiple objects that could be selected, CCD Commander will display the following window to allow you to select your desired target from the list:


If your desired object is not show, click closer to the object in TheSky and push the Refresh button.


The Get RA/Dec from Current Telescope Position will query the location the telescope is pointing to and enter the values into the window.  This is useful if you have a difficult framing of the object and have framed it properly before creating your action list.


You can also enter the targets name in the Object Name box.  This box can be used to name your target anything you desire.  This name will show up in your action list instead of the RA and Declination coordinates.


If you enter a real object name in the Object Name box, you can get the coordinates for this object from TheSky by clicking the Find Object in TheSky button.  If the object is found, the coordinates will be entered automatically for you.  If the object is not found, the coordinates will be set to 0.


The Recompute Object Coordinates before Slew checkbox tell CCD Commander to find the object again in TheSky and get the updated coordinates.  This is very useful for fast moving objects.  If you enter an invalid name in the Object Name box, CCD Commander will warn you with a beep when you push the OK button.  This checkbox is disabled when J2000 coordinates are selected since the JNow coordinates will automatically be recomputed before the Slew.  Recomputing the Object coordinates is only valid when using JNow coordinates.