Intelligent Temperature Control Action



The Enable Cooler and Disable Cooler selections tell CCD Commander what you what to do for this entry in the action list.  When Enable Cooler is selected, the Intelligent Cooling or Simple Cooling sections are enabled.  These sections are described further below.


Disable Cooler will slowly warm the camera up and then turn off the camera's cooler.


The Fan On checkbox is used to enable or disable the camera's fan when the action is run.  Not all camera control programs can control the camera's fan.


When the Use Intelligent Cooling checkbox is unchecked, the Simple Cooling section is shown.  In this mode, when this action is reached CCD Commander will set the cooler to the temperature specified in Temperature Set Point and then continue to the next action in the list.  If you want to wait for the temperature to stabilize you will need to insert your own delay into the action list.


When the Use Intelligent Cooling checkbox is checked, the Intelligent Cooling section is shown.  In this mode CCD Commander performs a more complicated routine to not only set the cooler to a temperature, but also monitor it until it stabilizes and attempt to set a lower temperature if possible.


The Desired Temperatures list contains all the temperatures that CCD Commander will attempt to set.  It will start at the warmest temperature and after the cooler reaches the set temperature, it will go to the next temperature in the list.  CCD Commander is able to set the coolest temperature possible at the time the action runs.


Maximum cooler power specifies the highest cooler power you want to operate at.  After CCD Commander sets a temperature from the list it will wait for the cooler to reach the temperature.  When it has reached the temperature, CCD Commander will wait for the temperature to stabilize.  Once it has stabilized, CCD Commander checks the cooler power.  If it is greater then this value, CCD Commander backs off to the previously achieved temperature.


Maximum time for temperature to stabilize specifies how long CCD Commander will wait for each temperature in the list to stabilize.  If the temperature has not stabilized after the set time, CCD Commander backs off to the previously achieved temperature.


The two values under Temperature is stable when: specify the parameters CCD Commander uses to determine at temperature setting is stable.  Even when the temperature is stable, there is some variation in both the temperature and the cooler power.  These two values specify how much variation is acceptable to consider the temperature stable.  Watch your cooler performance for a few minutes to determine the optimum values for these parameters.


Note: If CCD Commander cannot achieve the minimum temperature in this list, it will leave the cooler at that value and exit the action.  The next item in your action list will then execute.  So if you need to ensure the cooler is stable after leaving this action, you must be certain the minimum temperature is achievable given the parameters you set.


Automatic Dark Library: This action can be used (along with the Take Image action) to build a dark library at multiple temperatures on a cloudy night.  Simply setup the Intelligent Temperature Control (ITC) action with a single (achievable) temperature in the temperature list.  Follow this action with a Take Image action for your dark frames.  Next use another ITC action to set the next lower temperature you want, then another Take Image action.  You can continue this for as many temperatures as you need.  Be sure to start the session using higher temperatures and set lower temperatures throughout the night.