Weather Monitor Action


This action will Enable and Disable the Weather Monitoring function in CCD Commander.  It may be important to disable Weather Monitoring after the dome is closed so you can take dark/bias frames at the end of a session.  If Weather Monitoring were left enabled, it would pause the Action List even though the telescope is protected from the weather.


Special Note relating to Skip Ahead Action:  When a Skip Ahead action activates, when CCD Commander is skipping over actions prior to the Skip Ahead, it will not skip a Weather Monitor Action.  Instead the Weather Monitor Action will be executed.  This allows you to have a Skip Ahead action that terminates your session at dawn and then shuts down your system.  Without this functionality, a cloudy condition would keep the Action List paused and the shutdown processes would never be run.


An example Action List using the Weather Monitor action and the Skip Ahead action is as shown here:


In the above Action List, I've created a number of Sub-Action Lists that represent some common tasks.  At 06:00, CCD Commander will execute the Skip Ahead action and skip everything up to the location of the Skip Ahead action.  The Weather Monitor action disabling the Weather Monitoring will be executed immediately before the Skip Ahead action is reached.


If the Weather Monitor action were located after the Skip Ahead action, then a cloudy condition would pause the action list immediately after the Skip Ahead action was executed and the process would be stuck waiting for the skies to clear.  There is no danger in this occurring since the Cloud Monitor function would park the scope and close the dome as necessitated by the weather.  But you would loose out on time that could be spent doing other things like taking Bias and Dark frames.